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Packing List for Everest Base Camp Trek

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  • August 08,2018
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What to pack for Everest Base Camp Trek? This is the question comes to every trekker’s mind before setting off their journey to Everest Base Camp. Each and every place has an altered climate and terrain. They may have certain social codes which travelers visiting those places to be considered.

In this article, we have prepared packing list to be carried for Everest Base Camp Trek. This list we have designed according to the suggestion of our previous trekkers who already done EBC Trek successfully.

It is very important to pack intelligently for Everest Base Camp trek. Because on the flights into Lukla the weight limit for checked bags is only 10 kg. This weight limit for flight gives you a signal that how much or little to pack.

Now the question may arise my pack will be more than 10 kg. When you travel to Nepal you can have baggage more than 10 kg. Before embarking to Everest Base Camp we suggest you repack only for trekking.  You can leave your other stuff in your hotel in Kathmandu. Most of the hotels in Kathmandu provide free storage service.

What liter’s Backpack to be carried?

For Everest Base Camp we recommend carrying 60 liter’s backpack. Although you can buy a backpack in Kathmandu, locally made ones may not be as comfortable as ones made overseas and (genuine) named brands may be more expensive in Nepal than in your own country.

Down Jacket

Everest Base Camp is the high terrain trip. Although the day is normally warm, the morning and evening are always cold. The temperatures slide down every day while approaching the base camp.  A down jacket will keep you warm. If possible we suggest bringing a real goose feather jacket from your home country. If not you can also hire or buy in trekking shops in Kathmandu. Many of the down jackets in Kathmandu are made of synthetic materials. The renting cost for down jackets is around USD 1 per day in Thamel and USD 3 in Namche Bazaar.

Windproof Jacket

It will be very much wise to include windproof jacket in your backpack. It protects you against wind and rain and can also be used when it is sunny. Along with windproof jacket, windproof trousers are suggested to carry. This stuff you can be easily buy in Thamel.

Camp Shoes

Camp shoes or some other light shoes are also recommended. They make you convenient to walking while staying in Mountain Lodge. They give your feet a rest anyway.


We advise bringing 6 pairs of socks for Everest Base Camp trek. During trekking, it is not possible to wash and dry the socks every day. If you carry additional pairs of socks you have fresh socks all the time. In Kathmandu, you can easily buy socks for trekking.

Hiking Boots

It is very important to bring well-fitting hiking boots for Everest trek. Ankle boots are highly suggested. We also advise not to bring new boots or rent second-hand ones. Buy your boots at home and wear them in before you come. New boots seem to almost always cause of blisters.

Trousers (Pants)

It is recommended to bring two lighter trousers and one thick pair for walking in, and one pair for sleeping in. Thick pair means the pants with fleece lined. Trekking pants with zip-off bottoms are useful for very warm as well as cold days.

Thermal Wear

We suggest bringing lighter thermal wear both of trousers and tops. The thicker thermal wear can be sweaty in trekking.

Shirts (T-shirts)

For Everest Base Camp Trekking long-sleeved shirts or t-shirts are suggested rather than short sleeved ones. The reasons are during trekking your skin can easily burn because of strong sun rays at high land. If possible bring self-drying shirts to be packed up as it absorbs sweat.


It is recommended to carry two types of gloves. One is light-weight inner gloves for moderate weather. Another is a warm, waterproof and durable outer glove for extremely cold days.


A sun hat is needed to protect your face and neck from the harmful rays of the sun. Carry a lightweight hat that easily fits into your backpack and protects from the sunburns.


It is fine normal sunglasses for Everest Base Camp trek. Sunglasses should be polarized for protection from UV rays.

Sleeping Bag

Although most of the hotels will have blankets in the mountain lodges, it is still necessary to bring your own sleeping bag. It does not need to bring a mattress. You can easily rent sleeping bags in Thamel, Kathmandu. The rate of renting sleeping bags in Thamel is around USD 2 and in Namche USD 5 per day.

Water Bottle & Purifier

In trekking days bottled mineral water is available but it can cost up to USD 4 per bottle. The rate varies according to the place. So, it is suggested to bring a water purifier such as Steripen or purifying drops and tablets. Water you can collect it from the tap of tea houses. Bring your own non-plastic bottle if using drops/tablets.

Trekking Pole (Walking Stick)

Actually, trekking pole is not necessary if you are young and think your knees are strong. However, if you have trekking pole it obviously helps you to walk on more tricky up and down paths. The cost of trekking pole is not expensive. You can easily buy it in Thamel at around USD 10.


Sometime in high places, you should walk on the snowy trail. Thus, if you have gaiters it will be very convenient to you. For the Everest Base Camp trekking, the locally made gaiters are good enough.


If you carry also balaclavas or headband it will be good to protect your face and neck in cold and dry weather.


A headlamp is necessary especially for the late night runs to the toilets outside the teahouses and also for early morning treks.

Trekking towel

This is optional but a smaller, quick drying towel can help you freshen up after a quick clean.


It is recommended to carry Diamox (high altitude prevention medicine) and generic medicines like Paracetamol for headaches, cold medicine, Neosporin, Imodium for diarrhea, painkillers, and others that you generally need for your own medical conditions. Remember to bring your own medicines which you are taking usually.  Sometimes your daily needed medicines may not be available in Nepal.

Personal Hygiene Items

Do not forget to pack the items like toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorants, sunscreen, lip balms, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, toilet papers, blister plaster, pocket knives, nail cutters etc.


Also bring your favorite chocolates, protein bars and other snacks from home. These will make you feel better after exhausting days or when you don’t like the food served in trekking. Many chocolates and protein bars aren’t available in Kathmandu so bring them from home. Also, carry Muesli mix and instant tea or coffee that you can enjoy anytime with just hot water to buy.


The map of Everest Base Camp trekking is necessary if you are trekking without guide and porter to find out the trail. In organized trekking normally it is not essential. In Thamel, there are many Map shops. You can buy the map of Everest Base Camp route.

The above is the list of general items needs to be included in the packing list for making your Everest Base Camp Trek full of comfort, safe and enjoyable. The clothing items may be different according to personal needs of trekker. Just make sure to check the weight and carry everything you need and nothing extra.

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