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Typical Nepali Cuisine: Dal Bhat Tarkari

Nepal, with its rich cultural diversity, offers a variety of culinary delights. One of the staple meals is “Dal Bhat Tarkari,” consisting of lentil soup (Dal), steamed rice (Bhat), and vegetable curry (Tarkari). This combination is a daily essential for many Nepalis, especially in rural areas and during treks.


  1. Dal (Lentil Soup):Prepared using black (Mash), red (Mushuro), or yellow (Mugi) lentils.
  2. Bhat (Steamed Rice):The quintessential accompaniment to Nepali meals.
  3. Tarkari (Vegetable Curry):Various vegetables cooked in different styles, forming a crucial part of the meal.


Traditional Delicacies:


  1. Gundrook-Dheedo:A nutritious dish made from wheat, maize, and dried green vegetables.
  2. Sag:Green vegetables like spinach, mustard greens, or broad-leaved mustard, commonly served with rice.
  3. Masu (Meat Curry):Chicken and mutton are popular choices, while buffalo and pork are also consumed.
  4. Chatamari:Resembling pizza or dosa, it’s a rice flour flatbread with various toppings.
  5. Choyla:Newari grilled/roasted spicy meat, often served as an appetizer with liquor.
  6. Gundruk:Dried and fermented green vegetable leaf, used to make a slightly sour soup.
  7. Kwati:A Newari bean soup, especially enjoyed during festivals.
  8. Momo:Dumplings filled with minced meat, a favorite appetizer or snack.
  9. Samay Baji:Beaten rice with roasted meat, smoked fish, and other accompaniments, often a ritual food.
  10. Sekuwa:Grilled meat, commonly made from mutton, duck, chicken, buffalo, or wild boar.
  11. Sel:Doughnut-shaped dessert/snack made from rice flour.
  12. Sukuti:Spicy dried meat, roasted over charcoal fire.
  13. Aloo Tama:Potato soup made with bamboo shoots.



  1. Achar:Sour, spicy, or sweet pickles, often made from tomatoes, radish, coriander, or potatoes.


Traditional Drinks:

  1. Raksi:Strong traditional wine made from millet or rice, a festival favorite.
  2. Tongba:Millet-based alcoholic beverage, particularly popular among the Limbus.
  3. Chhyang:Milky white beer/liquor made from fermented rice.

Nepali cuisine reflects the country’s diverse culture and provides a delightful experience for locals and visitors alike.