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When to come Nepal?


If you plan to visit Nepal, you must consider the weather, especially if you plan to trek the Himalayas.


Nepal’s Four Distinct Seasons


Nepal has four distinct seasons–autumn (September to November), spring (March to May), summer (June to August), and winter (December to February). Each season has something unique to offer you in terms of environmental outlook.


Autumn Season (September to November)


Autumn is the most popular season for trekking or touring in Nepal. The hills look colorful, and the sky is clear, allowing you to enjoy amazing vistas, including the mountains, landscapes, and more. Major trekking trails are filled by travelers, and if you want to avoid the crowd, you should take off the beaten trekking trails. Many festivals, such as Dashain, Tihar, and Chhat, also fall in autumn.


Summer Season (June to August)


Summer is less favorable for trekking due to heavy monsoon rains in most parts of Nepal. However, you can still travel to rain shadow areas like Mustang and Dolpo regions. The views in this season are spectacular with greenery everywhere, but the trails can be slippery, and leeches may be active.


Winter Season (December to February)


Winter brings clear and stable weather, but haze often sits in valleys and reaches up to the Himalayas, making the skies unclear. Trekking is possible in lower regions, but higher altitudes experience heavy snowfall. Mornings and evenings can be cold, so preparation is necessary.


Spring Season (March to May)


Spring is another popular season for trekking. The weather is warm, the days are long, and the trek trails are in good condition. Rhododendron flowers bloom, making the trails beautiful. This season is especially suited for trekking to higher regions, including peak climbing and expedition.